Can I bring a support person with me to an appointment with a Doctor or a Nurse?
You are welcome to bring a chaperone or support person with you to your consultation. If you would like a staff member to act as your chaperone during a consultation or procedure, please let reception know at the time of booking your appointment.

Can I automatically enrol?
From time to time we need to close our books and do not take new patients. You can call our reception team on 03 381 8048 to enquire if we are taking patients on currently. We have a geographical area that we enrol from within – please contact our receptionists to see if you live in the area.

What if I wish to make a complaint?
We have a Complaints Policy – you have a choice if you wish to make a verbal complaint or a written complaint. Please see our Complaints Procedure.

Am I able to have an Interpreter? 
We can arrange an Interpreter for you at the time you book your appointment.

How will I find out the results of any tests I have had?  If you have had any tests the staff will let you know the results ONLY if further action is needed. If your results are ok, we will not contact you.  You are welcome to ring the practice to ask about your results. You can leave a message on the nurses’ answerphone and we will contact you when we are able.